Back to the Beginning!

Ian is in school. James is at work. I'm home taking care of the littlest one Caleb. Every Monday, I get a progress report from Ian's school as to how he's doing and right now, we're off to a great start. I just worry that as time progresses, there may be something I'm missing in being able to help and guide him. Starting with a new school has put us right back at the beginning. 

I feel like we're starting all over again. Trying to understand how this school operates. What their expectations are in order for him to maintain good grades. Helping Ian understand what our expectations are. The past two years were tough. This time, I'm hoping to guide him with lessons he can take and use through out life, because let's face it, at some point and time, you will be starting over or starting something new. 

I would like to have that secure feeling as a parent that my kids are on the right road to success. Doesn't every parent want that? To know, that when it comes time to leave the nest, whether it's going to college or starting a job in the real world, that, they've got this. They will survive and thrive. Doesn't that preparation start now? And yes, I want them to be better than just OK, I want them to always have the intention of doing their best. Not for competitive reasons, but because there is a personal satisfaction one gets in doing a good job and knowing they gave it their all.

I understand that in order to get them to where they need to be, they need my help and guidance. A loving tap on the shoulder here and a gentle but forceful push there, they can be masters of their own domain. Isn't that the Tiger Mother's hope? Is to create little masters? My hope is to create human beings that can take care of themselves and master the things they attempt so that they can feel like accomplished citizens who have contributed something to this world. 

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