I Like Wine, Does That Make Me a Bad Mom?

Am I bad a mother because I like to drink wine?  I see other mothers whose kids are in honor roll, gifted and talented classes, and sports up the wazoo, taking music lessons and mastering the violin or some difficult instrument and the mom looks well maintained and they act like, it's sooo easy. Their houses are perfectly cleaned and ready for an Architectural Digest photo shoot and some of them even work a full time job. I think to myself, "Wow! Those women really have their $h!# together " How in the heck do they do it?

Yes, I like to drink wine. Is this a problem? Is this why my house looks like it should be on some hoarders reality show sometimes? Or is this why my oldest son Ian, sometimes comes to me begging me to do laundry because he's about to run out of clean underwear? I don't know. I don't have all the answers. This is something to mull over while drinking a glass of wine.  Oh dear, does it sound like I have a problem?

While making dinner, I like to have a glass of wine. I really get into cooking like I'm making some super fancy chef like created meal in my very large Soho, NYC loft. I've got some Stan Getz or Theovery Corporation playing in the background. I'll even talk about what I'm making as I cook to my newborn while he sits in his bouncer watching me, as though I'm on a cooking show. Crazy much? 

Am I a bad Mom because I daydream about this moment of drinking my favorite Chardonnay or Cotes Du Rhone, (It totally depends on my mood and what I'm making for dinner. To drink white or red, that's usually my question by evening). I even think about that glass early on in the day as I try to tackle everything under the sun. By 4 PM, I've given up the pursuit of perfection and am ready to settle back into my cozy with a nice Malbec.

In all my imperfections am I really alone out there? I like to think that it slows me down a bit. Gives me a chance to stop and smell the roses so to speak. I go over Ian's homework with him and we chat about his day. James will come home from work and join us. 

The issue is, in order to be a Tiger Mom, should I not take the time to slow down? Should it be, go-go-go? Instead of snapping my finger to a little jazz, should I be snapping my finger at my son to get him from one task to the next?  Some parents don't even like to drink alcohol in front of their kids. I feel differently. As long as I'm showing them everything in moderation, I don't think it's horrible. 

For all those Tiger Moms who like wine, what's your favorite?

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