I'm a List Maker.

Illustration by Ian Kelewae and Jolene Kelewae

My first step to getting anything done or at least started is to make list. I love list. Like, really love list. I love looking at all of the work that's ahead and then crossing things off one by one. It makes me feel super accomplished. Even if it's making list of doing things like vacuuming or doing the dishes. I've been trying to teach Ian the importance of making lists for himself.
So,making sure he has a great start to his first year of middle school I made this little list to get him stocked and loaded with all the necessities of starting school. 

Beginning School Year Check List:

  • School Schedule- Check
  • Bus Schedule- Check
  • Glass of Wine- Wait not Yet! 
  • School Supplies- Check
  • Book Bag- Check
  • Nap time for me- That's a joke. Sleep doesn't exist for me anymore.
  • Class Syllabus- Check
  • Glass of Wine???
  • Back to school wardrobe- Check
  • Sport Schedule- Check
  • Expectations explained and set for the new year- Check
  • Glass of Wine- CHECK!!

 OK, to some that list seems pretty simple. But try getting all that done with a newborn that cluster feeds. Little Caleb loves to eat pretty much every hour and if there isn't a nipple in his mouth when he wants it, my little man will make sure you and every one else around is hearing he needs to eat. And in the middle of all this still trying to get laundry done, changing diapers, cleaning our house (what's the point, it seems a few hours later it's a mess again), making dinner, grocery shopping, and did I mention I do all of this in my zombie-like state? On top of it, I still want to start my Interior Design business. Can you blame me for just wanting to sit back and enjoy a glass (or two) of wine? That needed to be added to my list, because God forbid I forget to do that. 

My hope is that one day, Ian will love making list and making schedules on his calendar as much as I do. I also see nothing wrong with adding a little fun to the seriousness of getting work done. It makes me giggle and remember, I'm only human. 

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