Do your homework.

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When I say do your homework, I mean do your homework now! Last school year, I think we had a little bit of a problem understanding this. Especially on Friday's because of the upcoming weekend.

James and I think it is important for our children to be well balanced with a little bit of everything in their life. Academic, social, cultural and athletic are all things that carry a level of importance in our kids life . But somehow, last school year, the academics slipped through our radar and we were faced with declining grades.

Once this was realized, I quickly went into recovery mode and tried to figure out, how do we fix this? Yes, the royal "we".  "We" are a team. "We" are in this together. If there are little things that are slipping through the cracks then "we", need to figure out how we get back on track and make those grades what I expect them to be.

There were several problems our little man was faced with. First, he was doing his homework but forgetting to hand it in sometimes and when he did hand it in, he was getting partial credit. Second, long term assignments and weekend homework's were not getting done properly and being worked on last minute. Third, he was rushing through to get his work done so the overall quality was not as it should be.

I realized these were things that had to get fixed, and get fixed quickly. Now was the time to start forming good habits and we are still working on it til this day. I became very concerned with the quality of his work when one Sunday night, he remembered last minute he had a Language Arts assignment due. He worked on it and I asked to read it and I was extremely disappointed with the what he had done. He had rushed through it and didn't really complete the assignment as he should have. His hand writing was messy. Words were misspelled. He didn't even answer all of the question or read the entire assignment for that matter. I made him stay up until almost midnight making sure he got it done properly.

My response was very much that of an angry Tigress who had lost her $#!% and just about ripped his head off. But you have to understand, I was very pregnant, emotional, tired, and frustrated. I will be the first to admit, perhaps my response of yelling (I think there was a little cursing involved) and throwing the paper at him was not my best parenting moment, but I was having a hard time understanding why he wouldn't want to hand in work that he could be proud of and know that he gave it his all. Again, we're trying to raise kids here who always give it their best effort and put their all into whatever it is their doing. This was not it. This was an example of pure laziness. I had failed!

Or had I? The class he did the worst in last year, he is doing the best in this year so far. I'm not saying biting off the head of your children is the best thing, but I will say, my message was pretty clear in getting him to understand the importance of making your best effort. Also, that we mean business and that he can do it the easy way or he can do it the hard way.

Trust me, I do not enjoy this tough parenting. Constructive criticism isn't always easy but it is definitely necessary. Although, I can't help think I need to work on my delivery. How do you get your kids straightened out when you see them slacking?

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