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I've recently been reading the book, The Happiest Baby On the Block, by Harvey Karp and I must say, I wish I read this months ago. It's so nice to read something that doesn't make me feel like a failure to my newborn.

Basically, it discusses the missing fourth trimester that our newborns need. There's been so many people giving me advice on what I need to do with my little guy. I feel like I've been doing the wrong thing but this book reassures me I've been doing the right thing and I should do more.

My first child was easy. Easy in the sense that it was easy to get him on a routine. He slept when we put him down. He ate when I fed him. We understood him right away. My second child, is a little different.

My little Caleb is..., let's just say he is more vocal. He let's us know what he needs when he needs it. This was a lot different from our first time around where we felt more in control. My poor husband felt defeated early on because he had such a difficult time soothing him.

 Everyone under the sun wanted to give us their opinion and I've been more than willing to listen to it because I was at a lost. Lack of sleep. Lack of energy. I needed help. Friends, family, doctors, lactation consultants all had something to say and it was all very different.

Some would say, don't spoil him. He needs structure and routine. Let him cry it out and learn to self soothe. Others would say, feed him on demand, he'll let you know when he's hungry and how much he needs. Let him fall asleep on you or rock him if that's what he needs. Don't ever put him down, there's no such thing as spoiling a newborn. I listened to what the latter had to say because that seemed to be my baby.

My baby wanted to eat all the time, which is called cluster feeding. My baby didn't want to sleep in his crib by himself, he enjoyed co-sleeping. I learned to carry him and nurse him at the same time in my sling. But the problem was, I was still tired, lacking in sleep and feeling more and more frustrated. I was feeling like a failure.

But now that I  have read this book, according to it, I am doing everything right. It discusses the thing that no one has ever mentioned to me. The fourth trimester. It exists. It's a real thing and some babies adapt to outside the womb better than others. I'm on my way to having, "The Happiest Baby On The Block".

Check out the website for Happiest Baby On The Block.

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