Am I Mean Because I Secretly Eat Treats?

Photo Courtesy of Katz Gluten Free
I've never been one to desire eating sweet treats but as with my first pregnancy postpartum in my second postpartum stage, I strangely am craving the sweets once again. The thing is, I am on a gluten free, dairy free diet so when it comes to finding the sweets that are delicious, it is very rare that I come across one that everyone in my house finds scrumptious. So am I a mean Mama because I will hide these treats and secretly eat them while everyone is at school and work?

Ian and James will take the glutenous filled cookies and cakes any day, which I happily provide them with. However, there are some treats I purchase for myself that I have allowed them to taste and instead of their taste buds finding  dissatisfaction, they love it. Unfortunately, my treats come very few and small in their packaging and are three times the amount of theirs, so I tend to not stock up on them. I don't stock up on sweets period, so gluten free sweets are just as rare in this home.

Now that Fall is here, I have been inspired by the decadent desserts of the season and have successfully attempted making some items such as pumpkin pie, which is dairy free and gluten free, and totally delicious. (Will share the recipe later) But for now, as my littlest one naps, I await, secretly, for my Katz Chocolate Frosted Donut to heat up. Oh boy! By the way, Katz makes really, really good allergen friendly food.

I can't help but feel a little guilty knowing that over the past week and a half, I have eaten an entire package of six.What they don't know won't hurt them, right?

What kind of Tiger Mom am I going to be when I can't even discipline myself and even share? The next box I get, I promise I will share with them. Maybe..., if they ask..., if they find them in the freezer..., if they have no other sweets to satisfy them..., if there're any left.

Come on, everyone has some treat that they enjoy alone. Fess up, what's your favorite sneaky treat?

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