Hypnobirthing- The Art of Giving Birth

Hypno- what? That's exactly what I said when I first heard of it. I google searched hypnobirthing and I was amazed at the information I found. Having a baby with no pain? Yes please, sign me up.

Of course I looked for videos because I am a visual person and it was not enough for me to just read it, I needed to see it with my own eyes. Yes, I needed to see an actual woman giving birth to a baby using this technique. I needed to see the baby coming out and I needed to see her reaction to this. I had already taken Lamaze classes for my first child, which I ended up not even using, so the thought of paying for another useless class scared me. Yes, I said useless, to each his own, everyone has their own opinion and Lamaze was useless for me. I watched video after video of women "breathing"  their babies out. Their partners silently watched and cheered them on as these courageous women barely pushed the little ones out. Quite amazing. After hours of watching and reading, I was convinced, I made my husband watch the videos as well and we were both sold.

I'm going to describe what hypnobirthing is the best way I can.

Imagine yourself lying on the beach. The sand is warm and smooth to the touch. You hear the sounds of the waves hitting the shore and receding back into the great vastness of the ocean. The sun lightly kisses you all over your body as you lie their perfectly content with your surroundings.

Now think of the color blue, red, green, yellow. The rainbow. Isn't it awesome?

Breath... breathe.... breathe some more.

...and pop! Out comes your tiny, little bundle of joy.

Whew! You almost broke a sweat.

OK- I know, some of you are reading this and saying, oh really? If it was that simple, why aren't we all doing it this way? Why are we "pushing" our babies out, instead of "breathing" them out? The truth is, we're doing this whole baby birthing thing all wrong.

After reading Hypnobirthing: The Morgan Method, it all made sense. Giving birth became painful because someone told women it was painful. Maybe I embellish a little bit as to how easy it is. Let's put it this way, there is some discomfort, but it is a whole lot different from pain. Fear makes it painful. If you are a healthy woman and there are no other concerns, this is a great alternative to using drugs. I entered my second birth with loads of fear. This helped me to calm down and trust my baby and my body.

I was able to stay at home in a relaxed environment until my midwife suggested I come in. I walked into the hospital, walked to my room and four hours later delivered a healthy baby boy. How? I used the technique hypnobirthing. I was not hypnotized, but with practice during my pregnancy, I was able to quickly guide myself to a place of comfort while I let the baby do all the work. Yes, there was some discomfort at times, but I was able to stay calm and strong and remind myself that this is not pain. I felt like a rock star afterwards.

You ever foresee something happening that could be painful and before it even happens, you think, "ouch"? Or react as though it really did hurt but then you realize it didn't? It's similar to that. The more you scream the tighter your body gets and the more intense the feeling of discomfort becomes.

This is not for everyone and I know there are many other methods out there, but if you plan on having a baby, I highly suggest looking into it if you don't want to have to use drugs. Also, all moms are rock stars, no matter how you deliver.


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