Food Blogs, Glorious Food Blogs.

I love having access to awesome, healthy, tasty recipes right at my fingertips. Trying to cook healthy all of the time is sometimes not that easy. Especially when you have little and big bellies to fill. That's why I have to give a shout out to three cooking blogs I have fallen in love with.

Happy Kitchen. Rocks
I heart this blog. No really. I do. The recipes are approachable and can fit many types of diets. It's easy to navigate and there are many recipes to choose from that are different but yet you won't feel like your on a scavenger hunt at the supermarket. The pictures are beautiful and really inspire me. Elena Szeliga likes to make food "look pretty" she says in her about section. I agree, food should be pretty before it goes down. When you're  a mom whose on the go-go-go all of the time and dinner has to be on the table to feed little people who have not mastered patience yet, this is a great site to check out. The Vegan Mexican Chopped Salad with Avocado Dressing was a knock out. I actually did tackle the Ratatouille, which is a dish that takes a little bit more time when I was able to which was a hit at my dinner table.

Yes, More Please!
This blog is as cute as can be. Again, in any cooking blog I follow, I am looking for healthy, ease,and of course delicious. I crave different also because sometimes things get a little boring in the kitchen and my audience of tasters will not judge harshly, to my face that is, but I still aim to please the taste buds of my crew. One person doesn't love sweet potatoes. Another doesn't care for kale. And I believe I heard someone say, "Quinoa what!" But when you put it all together for Sweet Potato Kale and Quinoa Fritters, you've got a whole different story.  I also love this blog because it is run by a husband and wife team. Ian and Mariana McEnroe. How cute! She cooks he photographs. Lovin in the oven. That's awesome!

Living Sweet Moments
This blog is more than just a food blog. While there are great recipes to try, there's also a little bit of everything else. Tiffany is the author and cook of this food blog and also holds a degree in Psychology. She talks about everything under the sun, parenting, household, money, entertainment and travel. The dish that I really liked was the Cauliflower Fried Rice. First of all, I love cauliflower, second, has anyone else noticed the cauliflower craze recently? This dish is a must try and this blog is a must read.

I love skimming through Pinterest for all of the fantastic pictures of yummy foods out there. I follow multiple groups from gluten free, to clean eating, to my fave the avocado. In my opinion, a picture is worth a thousand taste buds when it comes to food. I hope you enjoy these food blogs as much as I have.

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